Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How many Safari availability for a 1 day?

Normally we have more than 50 Safari Jeeps available for a 1 day for advance booking. But for same day bookings availability may between 5 to 10 safari jeeps. If you have Group book in advance for guarantee the booking.

Q2) Can i book a Safari for today?

Yes. You can book  Minneriya National Park / Kaudulla National Park safari tour before 1 hour of tour begin.

Q3) What is the best time for see many Elephants?

Best time is around 2-5 Pm. Choose Evening safari tour for a best experience. This tour normally begin at 2pm. But as weather condition and your hotel location tour start prior to 2pm. you can select start time from 1 pm to 3.30 pm. Tour end around 4.30pm to 6pm as per the starting time

Also 5.30am Morning safari tour can see 50% than Evening safari tour. Highly recommend to start early for see many animals before other jeeps enter the park. This tour end around 9am.

Q4) Can do safari in Rainy day?

Yes. In rainy days also we continue safari tours. Also Elephants can see even rainy days. So do not worry for tour cancellation as weather condition. But if there is Heavy thunderstorm & rain animals are go inside the forest, in that case elephant gathering is limited.

Q5) How will I know if my booking has been confirmed?

A confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail. After make a payment a receipt sent to your e-mail.

Q6) How can i pay for my booking?

You can pay online by Credit / Debit card. For payment later option, after we received the booking we send a payment link to your e-mail. As we manually do that this may take some time. If it is same day or next day booking contact us by WhatsApp/Viber/ Mobile/Sms to +94776487757 for quick payment link.

Q7) Is Minneriya Park Entrance is a e-ticket?

No. You can not present our confirmation to a Minneriya National Park entrance gate for get your entrance tickets. We use manual system with Minneriya National Park entrance office for Minneriya National Park Entrance for customers & for the safari jeep.

Q8) My plans changed, Can i cancel safari booking?

Yes. If you cancel before the time limit, we will full refund. But small fee deducted by the bank. Also if there is flight delay or bad weather condition you could not cancel the before time limit, so don’t worry we may consider to refund in full or some amount after deduct booking fees by your case.

Q9) Can i bring food & beverages inside the Minneriya National Park?

Yes. You can bring some snacks, water, soft drinks inside to park. Please do not through any garbages inside the park or forest. Keep it inside safari jeep.

Q10) Can i bring alcoholic drinks to inside the park?

No. Minneriya National Park authorities do not allow to bring alcoholic drinks inside to the park.

Q11) Can i take off the Safari Jeep at inside the park?

No. After you enter the Minneriya National Park you can walk near the park office & rest rooms area only. After you passed the office, please stay inside the Safari Jeep, till you exit. Never go out of jeep inside the forest or middle of Elephant gathering area.

Other FAQ:

Q1) What protection do I have if I have to cancel my holiday?

Our stated policy is to return all recoverable costs, above and beyond the minimum shown in our Booking Conditions. We respond as quickly and fairly as we can. We expect our customers to take their holiday bookings as seriously as we do, but we recognise that holidays are occasionally cancelled for valid reasons. Our Booking Conditions give full details. If you fail to tell us that you no longer wish to travel, unrecoverable costs rise. So please do not avoid the issue – get in touch.

Q2) Do you promote only certain hotels?

We have our favourites – everybody does. We also expect certain standards of hygiene, comfort and service. But we are not limited to a small range of hotels. We fiercely protect our independence and deal with all hotel companies and independent owners if we believe that they have something good to offer. We will seek to ascertain what hotel best suits your preferences and your budget, and we will also happily respond to your specific requests. At all times, we will seek to negotiate the best rate possible. Sri Lanka has a wonderful and varied range of accommodation choices. Take a look at our website and ask us for advice.

Q3) Do you pre-book accommodation, in the way that many package-holiday companies do?

We may do at peak times such as Christmas or the summer holidays, when availability is scarce. Pre-booking would tempt us to promote a hotel to our clients that may not be suitable, just to fill the space. When an itinerary is finalised, we then confirm availability of flights and accommodation. That is why we advise early bookings (see next question). Delays risk rising prices and unavailability. We can – and do – offer excellent late deals, but booking about four-six months in advance, especially for Christmas and Easter, offers the best chance of satisfaction.

Q4) I am interested in one of your specialist tours, but I want to make changes. Is this possible?

Minneriya Safari Tours offers total flexibility and can respond to all requests to adjust itineraries. We will advise if we believe changes these to be realistic. On occasions, these adjustments will involve a change in price. We do not levy a charge to tailor-make holidays

Q5) Why have we not received any hotel vouchers? Is our booking confirmed?

Minneriya Safari Tours does not supply vouchers to customers before travel. This simply increases admin costs, and brings you no tangible benefit. Our operations team has booked the hotels as shown on your Travel Voucher. All necessary hotel vouchers will be sent directly to the hotels concerned. Showing your Travel Voucher and passport at check-in is all you need to do.

Q6) Can I drive my own car in Sri Lanka?

In common with other travel companies, we advise our clients not to undertake self-drive car hire unless they are highly experienced in driving conditions in this part of the world. However, we offer competitive self-drive car hire with a reputable company in specific circumstances.

Q7) Will we be met at the airport?

If you have booked airport transfers, you will be met by our ground agents at Bandaranaike International Airport. They can be found, normally with Minneriya Safari Tours, just outside the arrivals hall. We do not arrange airport meet-and-greets in your own country, except in overriding circumstances. We provide a mobile phone number for your driver a few days before your holiday departure.

Q8) If I book a car and driver, will I be hassled to make excursions or shopping trips?

Uniquely, our drivers are in possession of a strict Drivers’ Code, in which your safety and satisfaction are the priority. We recommend that you contact our Colombo office if you have problems in this regard. (See our transport section for full details). The driver knows your itinerary and is expected to follow it. How much he also acts as a guide depends upon your individual wishes. He may offer additional excursions or shopping visits, but must immediately respect your decision to say `no.’ Additional excursions may require an extra charge.

Q9) Can you recommend any shopping outlets?

Minneriya Safari Tours never officially recommends, or accepts commission from, any Sri Lanka outlet and therefore cannot take any responsibility for the quality of goods sold. Any opinions expressed by Minneriya Safari Tours drivers are solely their own views and do not constitute company recommendations. The sole exception to this is where goods are ordered directly through us (eg cricket clothing). If you make a purchase, you should be aware that you may face unexpected extra costs for tax, handling charges, customs, and delivery fees.

Q9) Can I change my itinerary when I am in Sri Lanka?

We are willing to respond to requests for changes of hotel or a sudden change of itinerary. We recognize that new discoveries can bring the temptation for a change of plan. In some cases, however, it must be understood that such changes may prove impossible. Others will necessarily accrue a surcharge. Read your departure letter for contact numbers.

Q10) What if people need to contact me in an emergency when I’m in Sri Lanka?

We provide a contacts sheet, upon your departure, with telephone numbers for our team in Sri Lanka. We can also provide a list of hotel phone numbers on request. Mobile phones operate in all major areas and you can buy low-cost pay-as-you-go Sri Lankan SIM cards on arrival. We can also provide these. Our office can pass on emergency messages. Leave contact numbers, plus a copy of your itinerary, with appropriate friends or relatives.

Q12) I’m looking for a low-season holiday to obtain the best prices. At what time of year can I find the best deals?

Consider late June and early July, perhaps using the East coast rather than the deep South. October to early December offers good value for the West and South – and monsoon rains occur largely from late afternoon. Avoid Christmas, Easter and school summer holidays.

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