Michael – USA – 

We heard this place to be away about 20 km from Dambulla. Minneriya Safari tour service arranged picked up from our hotel and drop. Our driver is piyal, nice guy. We were lucky enough to spot few elephants directly next to our road, along with a elephant family having a small elephant in their middle. Later on seeing a hoard if elephants from far distance in the grasslands and being shocked by how many jeeps are in their territory to spot them and take tourists very close to the elephants. We felt much better far away in our Jeep and had breathtaking moments watching the wildness. Thumbs up. Great tour in my life…

咲牧野 – Saki Makino – Japan – 

Minneriya National Parkで世界最大の象がサファリを集めているのを見て感動しました。多くのゾウや赤ちゃんが自然環境で食べて遊ぶ。 minneriyaのサファリツアーは私達に生涯の経験を提供します!
– – –
We had impressed by see the world largest elephant gathering safari in Minneriya National Park. Many elephants and babies eat & play in natural environment. minneriya safari tours offer us a lifetime experience!

Annie – France – 

This was the lifetime event of me. Amazing Elephant gathering, more than 75. They are eating grass, bath & play. Little giants are very funny… Thanks minneriya safari for a well organized tour…

Danielle Delon – France – 

We watched peacocks, buffalos, birds and elephants and we were even chased by an angry mother-elephant. She thought we were too close to the baby-elephants perhaps… That was a moment to never forget. The guides and drivers are skilled and experienced. value for money and really interesting tour.

Narendran – India – 

It was a great tour. we impressed by see more than 250 of Great Elephant Gathering at the park. There was cute baby elephants are play with mom & dad. I want to go there again. Nice tour arrangement by pickup & drop off us by Sigiriya area hotel.

Jonas Schmidt – German – 

Wir liebten Minneriya Park. Die Elefanten wandern frei, keine Ketten, kein Reiten, keine Fütterung, sie sind total wild. Es war sehr erstaunlich. Es gibt eine sehr holprige, aber aufregende Jeepfahrt zum Park und dann sitzt man und beobachtet die Elefanten. Wir buchten am Nachmittag Safari und sahen so viele Mütter und Kälber. Wir fanden die Fahrer respektvoll und die Besucher auch. Fantastisch. Machte unsere Reise. Danke Minneriya Safari Tours
– – –
We loved minneriya park. The elephants roam freely, no chains, no riding, no feeding they are totally wild. It was very amazing. There’s a very bumpy but exhilarating jeep ride out to the park and then you sit and watch the elephants. We booked afternoon safari and saw so many mothers and calves. We found the drivers are respectful and the visitors too. Fantastic. Made our trip. thanks Minneriya Safari Tours

David – UK – 

Very fun time at the Minneriya National park. Saw more than 200 Elephants. Tour arrangement is excellent. Driver also very funny & polite.

Minneriya Jeep Safari Tours 3